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Welcome to Lana Partners - Pioneering Your Digital Transformation

At Lana Partners, we transcend conventional consulting, crafting tailored solutions that drive innovation and elevate businesses to new heights. Specializing in Microsoft Dynamics 365, Cloud Computing, and cutting-edge technologies, we bring a decade of diverse consulting expertise to empower businesses on their journey to excellence.

Our commitment extends beyond implementing solutions; we're architects of transformation, leveraging Cloud Computing, Automation, Artificial Intelligence, and Data Analytics. With a global reach, we stand as a Microsoft Partner, delivering end-to-end project implementation, technical support, training, and custom solution development.


An Innovative Microsoft Partner

Lana Partners is a forward-thinking Microsoft Partner, specializing in empowering businesses through cutting-edge technology solutions. With over a decade of consulting experience, we bring expertise, innovation, and a global perspective to every project.

Why Choose Lana Partners?

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Expert Consultation

Benefit from a team with 10+ years of diverse consulting experience.

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Global Impact

Servicing clients worldwide, Lana understands the complexities of diverse markets.

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Adaptive Solutions

Our products and services are built on Microsoft platforms, ensuring agility and digital transformation

Our services

Strategy, Assessments, & Adoption

Crafting a roadmap for success – from formulating cloud strategies and vendor selections to conducting security assessments and providing comprehensive training – we guide businesses on their digital transformation journey with precision and foresight.

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Navigating change seamlessly – prioritize migrations, embrace Azure, explore multicloud options, and optimize costs, all orchestrated for a smooth and efficient transition to the cloud.

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Cloud Native Development

Unlock innovation with containers, serverless computing, and cloud-optimized technologies. Leverage the power of containerization, serverless architectures, and native cloud tools to enhance application performance and resource utilization.

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Ensure the success of your Microsoft Dynamics solutions with our comprehensive support. Our 24x7x365 support ensures your systems run smoothly. Purchase support buckets based on your needs, providing flexible and responsive assistance whenever required. Your success is our priority, and our support adapts to your unique requirements.

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Our clients


Lana Partners - Contact Us for Dynamics 365 Consulting & Configuration

Let Lana Partners help you with your Dynamics 365 needs. Our experts can provide tailored consulting and configuration services to get the most out of your Dynamics 365 system.

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