Welcome to Lana Partners, where Consulting Excellence Meets Digital Transformation. As a distinguished Microsoft Partner, we specialize in delivering transformative solutions for businesses across Small, Medium, and Enterprise sectors. Dive into the realm of Microsoft Dynamics 365, where our consulting prowess meets the cutting edge of Cloud Computing, Automation, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Data Analytics.

Our Consulting Mastery

Our Consulting Mastery

At Lana Partners, we pride ourselves on our mastery of consulting—an art form that transcends problem-solving. With over a decade of refined expertise, our diverse team excels in optimizing and transforming organizations from a strategic business process lens. Every consulting endeavor with Lana Partners is meticulously crafted, ensuring tailored solutions that not only meet but exceed the unique demands of businesses.

Global Consulting Impact

Global Consulting Impact

Embracing a global perspective, Lana Partners stands as a beacon of consulting excellence, recognized as a robust Microsoft Partner. Our commitment extends across borders, offering adaptive solutions in the competitive and dynamic digital landscape. This global impact is a testament to our dedication to delivering consulting services that transcend geographical boundaries and consistently elevate business outcomes.

Our Dedication 

Customer Satisfaction: We strive to understand our customers and give them the best by measuring every decision and outcome based on how well it serves our customers. 

High Quality Solutions: We pride ourselves in delivering the highest quality in every aspect of our business – from how we handle a customer call for service to digitally transforming a client’s business. 

Innovative Transformations: Our goal is to develop innovation capabilities and create a culture of innovation within every business we partner with. 



Mastering the Art of Consulting:

In the realm of Lana Partners, consulting is an art form. It's the dedication to understanding your business intricacies, the commitment to delivering high-quality solutions, and the pursuit of innovative transformations.

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Fuad Burhan

Fuad Burhan

Owner | Experienced Microsoft Dynamics 365 Consultant | Strategic Architect | Agile Enthusiast

Fuad Burhan is an accomplished Microsoft Dynamics 365 Consultant with a proven track record in designing, analyzing, and implementing end-to-end solutions for small to enterprise projects across various industries. His proficiency spans Microsoft products, and he thrives on challenges, bringing a wealth of experience and eagerness to learn. He has Completed a comprehensive education at the University of Minnesota, earning a Bachelor's Degree in Human Resources Development and Business and Marketing Education, accompanied by a minor in Leadership Education and Development in 2015.

Amelia MacPherson

Amelia MacPherson

Project Manager/Coordinator | Consultant | Business Analyst

Amelia MacPherson is a dynamic professional blending project management, entrepreneurship, consulting, and artistic prowess. As Lana Partners' adept Project Manager, she navigates Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementations with precision, crafting innovative strategies and leading efficient teams. Amelia's diverse skill set spans project analysis, curriculum development, economic research, and artistic pursuits like sculpture and painting. She has a background in entrepreneurship and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

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